Tutor Resources

So now you’re a TUTOR!

Now that you have signed up to be a Dominican Learning Center Tutor, it’s time to learn the ropes!

Tutor Training is comprised of three parts.  The schedule below has the dates and times for the first part of each training.

  • If you sign up for a Saturday training, you will be able to complete parts I and II in the same morning (back-to-back).
  • If you opt to sign up for a weeknight training, you will only receive part I and will have to schedule part II with the appropriate staff member (based on your chosen subject area).
  • Once you are matched with a learner and we have information about that learner’s individual needs, we will schedule part III of the training. It is at this point that you will also pick up the books that you will be using with your learner.

Now that you’ve completed your training,
here are all the forms and training you need to be an effective tutor!
Keep your skills sharp – join us for monthly tutor meetings!

Math tutors are invited to attend zoom meetings every second Monday of the month at 12:00 noon and/or every fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Language Arts tutors are invited to attend the zoom meetings every second Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon and/or every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM.