Our Staff

Meet our dedicated staff members…



shawn-fitzpatrick-resSr. Shawn Fitzpatrick, OP, Tutor
Sr. Shawn loves working with those struggling to learn, fighting addictions and trying to improve their and their family’s lives. After working as a principal for 23 years, she was asked to become the Director of the DLC, which was a great fit because of her love for education and working with the poor. She believes that the DLC helps adult learners who live in generational poverty and facing many adversities to reach their goal of providing a better life for themselves and their family.


robin-richard-resSr. Robin Richard, OP, Assistant Director
Sr. Robin is in charge of ESL and likes working at the DLC because the team tries to help learners feel like they have a “home away from home.” She appreciates that the DLC welcomes all people regardless of race, creed, nationality or background. She came to the organization to share her ministry passion for teaching language to those who need and to join with other Sisters and Associates in corporate witness to working with the marginalized. The DLC helps learners set goals that address their immediate needs, and when those goals are incorporated into the curriculum, learners are better able to succeed in the workforce and around the community.

lisset-mendoza-revLisset Mendoza, DLC Director

& CHI Nonviolence Youth Grant Coordinator
Lisset came from a family where her parents didn’t speak English and had very little schooling. She experienced first-hand the struggles her parents faced. She works at the DLC to make a difference in the lives of people who face the same struggles as her parents. She works at the DLC because at the end of the day, she has made a difference in our students’ lives. She believes in the organization’s slogan, “Education improves lives,” and seeing how the DLC improves the community by teaching others to read, speak or write.

bernadette-campbell-resSr. Bernadette Campbell, OP, Director of Assessment 
Sr. Bernadette finds it enriching to meet people who want to improve their lives. She enjoys working in the Inner City where the work done by the DLC helps students contribute to the community and make it better.



mary-ruth-leandres-resSr. Mary Ruth Leandres, OP, Math Coordinator
Sr. Mary Ruth has worked at the DLC for ten years. She enjoys working there because of the gratitude shown by the learners for everything the tutors and staff do no matter how trivial. She chose to work with the DLC because she has an education background and can help people discover their truth. She sees the DLC as an oasis of hope for the people of the community.


mary-deane-resSr. Mary Deane, OP, Reading Specialist
Sr. Mary likes teaching and helping people. Her experience in teaching English makes her a valuable addition to the DLC staff. She hopes that the ripple effect, not only in getting a GED and a better job, but being treated with dignity, respect and care, will make it easier for learners to share this with others when they leave the DLC.


jeanne-conrad-resSr. Jeanne Conrad, OP, Math Specialist
Sr. Jeanne appreciates the opportunity to help those in need of help. She believes that the DLC gives those who tutor there an opportunity to share their gifts with others while the learners are given the opportunity to learn a new language, improve themselves or even get better paying jobs.


melody-johnson-resMelody Johnson, Reading and Writing Specialist and Trainer
Melody has found that the DLC has given her a mission after she retired from teaching. She chose to work at the DLC to help those who are trying to get a better education to improve their lives. Education is the way to improve lives, which in turn improves the community.




corrine-hughes-resCorrine Hughes, Receptionist
Corrine was a student of Sr. Marie Granger, OP, the founder of the Dominican Learning Center. As a former student, Corrine was grateful for her education, and when an opportunity to work at the DLC came about she knew that she wanted to “give back.” Corrine believes that the DLC has a great mission with a wonderful community of learners, tutors and staff. Many marginalized individuals live close to the Center and can easily acquire the skills they need.



Kathy Trucco, Administrative Assistant
Kathy likes working at the DLC because it is interesting and fun. She appreciates the opportunity to see the learners and tutors and to help make their experiences at the DLC more successful. She believes that education is life-changing and its ripple effect helps us all.



Ted Grasse, Computer Specialist (not pictured)
Ted likes working at the DLC because it is a friendly place where learners, staff and tutors all care for each other. He chose to volunteer here because he had knowledge that fit a need of the DLC. It was a chance to give back and “do unto others….” He has seen students get jobs, start businesses and earn workplace commendations because of their experience at the DLC.