Non-violence Grant

The Dominican Sisters of Peace and the Franklin County Community Coalition work to address a pervasive problem of violence in a trailer park community housing approximately 250 families. Of the families in this community:

  • 90% have experienced some form of violence;
  • 70% have experienced gun violence or gang activity;
  • 80% have experienced domestic violence and bullying, including youth-to-youth bullying as well as adult family-to-family bullying.

For each area of violence, the coalition set lofty goals for reduction and has successfully met, exceeded or is on track to meet each goal – all within three years of working in and with the community.

How did this happen?

  • Focus on positive activities to build leadership skills
  • Provide a safe physical environment
  • Giving youth a safe environment and creating an after school program
  • Increase health and wellness
  • Empower residents to become individual, family and community advocates.

If you would like donate go to or for more information on this program, please contact Lisset Mendoza at 614-444-7330, ext 8 or Yahaira Rose at